What's That Thing With the needles? 7 Facts on Acupuncture - Sioux Falls

Many people have heard about acupuncture, but they don't necessarily understand all that it does or all the conditions that it can treat. As one of the few Sioux Falls acupuncture facilities Sioux Falls Chiropractic can offer unique treatments for a variety of conditions. Here are 6 interesting facts about acupuncture!

1. The word acupuncture is of Latin orgin meaning acus "needle" and pungere "to prick."

The more formal definition is the stimulation of certain points on the body, most often involving a needle penetrating the skin, with the purpose of alleviating pain or treating various health conditions.

2. Acupuncture is over 5,000 years old.

Acupuncture originated in China where it was one small part of ancient Chinese medicine, alongside herbal treatments, nutrition, physical therapy and special exercises like Tai Chi. The modern use of acupuncture in the United States didn't come about until the early 20th century, however.

3. Acupuncture doesn't hurt.

Really! Every individual is different and some are more sensitive to needles than others, but most indivduals describe a light sensation of pressure rather than anything resembling pain. Usually the way it works is that you may feel a small prick of pain as the needle is placed, but as the needle meets it's target, you will feel a sense of peace. Many of our Sioux Falls acupuncture patients find the experience very meditative once they get used to the experience.

4. Heard of dry needling? Same thing, but better!

Dry needling is gaining popularity because it requires less education and isn't as regulated as acupuncture. It is essentially the same process as acupuncture - a needle is used to stimulate a point of pain - but less regulated. Would you rather have an acutal acupuncture practioner or someone with no education? Don't let just anyone stick a needle in you! Make sure they are a qualified acupuncturist.

5. It can help with anxiety.

Acupuncture works on your meridian matrix, the area that affects the central nervous system. When you are treated your body released endorphins that put you in a very calm state. As a result, some individuals use it as a part of their anxiety treatment plan.

6. The needles are tiny. Really tiny.

In fact, today’s acupuncture needles are so fine in diameter they are about the thickness of two human hairs! They come in a sterile package and are disposable so there is no risk of contamination.

7. You name it, acupuncture treats it.

Whether you want to lose weight, quit smoking, or heal an old football injury, acupuncture can help. It sounds crazy, but the way acupuncture works is to stimulate your body to heal itself, so if used properly by a trained practitioner it can help with most medical conditions. At Sioux Falls Chiropractic acupuncture has relieved headache pain, helped with moods, treated chronic pain conditions and promoted healing after surgery.

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