How Should I Feel After Visiting Sioux Falls Chiropractic?

Even though chiropractic care often feels like some minor adjustments and manipulations, those manipulations have a huge effect on your entire body. Thousands of tiny body functions are affected. This means that you might notice some body changes after visiting Sioux Falls Chiropractic. Here are some common results after chiropractic treatment.

General Feeling of Peace and Relaxation

When your subluxations (partial dislocations) are corrected, it can lead many patients to experience what they describe as a warm feeling of peace and relaxation. Many Sioux Falls Chiropractic patients find that the problems that brought them to their chiropractor begin to lessen after their first few visits, although some feel no difference after their initial adjustment. This does not necessarily mean that you are not receiving a benefit! Many benefits occur under the surface, deep within the body.

Minor Pain and Muscle Soreness

There are several reasons our patients sometimes feel sore after an adjustment. When the spine is misaligned, muscles learn to work differently to compensate for the spine. After realignment, these muscles are forced to learn to work differently once again. Weak underused muscles may begin working again and this can cause a soreness or muscle spasms as your body readjusts to a new normal. You may also notice that old injuries that never fully healed tend to "reawaken" as your body works to heal. This is completely normal as your body is now finally addressing the areas that still need healing. We recommend that our patients ice any areas that are causing pain and contact us if pain ever becomes severe.

Overall Hidden Benefits

Many of the benefits you will receive from chiropractic care are hidden at first, occurring deep beneath the surface of the body on a neurological and even cellular level. The increased communication between the nerves in your spine allows for better blood flow and communication, and this leads to improvements in the function of your internal organs. Proper alignment reduces inflammation that contributes to many health issues. So even if you don't "feel" the benefits of chiropractic care, your body is definitely changing on a micro-level.

Improved Quality of Life

In several studies, chiropractic patients reported improved physical and mental or emotional health, better ability to deal with stress, and more enjoyment in life. Other studies reveal that patients experience improved physical and overall health, less bodily pain, greater vitality and improved mental health. In addition, improvement in conditions such as depression, autism, high blood pressure, pregnancy problems and ADD and ADHD have been noted, but your individual results will vary.

It is always a good idea to stay in communication with your doctor and personal trainers at Sioux Falls Chiropractic. If you experience a change in symptoms after chiropractic care, talk to your doctor to see if your results are normal or if you need to be adjusted again. Our goal is always overall wellness. This is YOUR life, live it well!

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