Which of These Foot Orthotics is Right For You?

We offer a lot of foot orthotics, but not all are right for you. How do you sort through all the options and find the right style? Thankfully at Sioux Falls Chiropractic, we are experts in helping you find the right foot orthotic for your lifestyle, preferences and footwear. Here are just some of the things we take into consideration.

What is your budget?

In a perfect world we would all be able to afford a foot orthotic for every type of activity we enjoy, but we know that isn't realistic for every budget. If your budget limits you to one pair of orthotics, we will do our best to find the one that would fit you best for the majority of your activities. If you are able to afford multiple orthotic options, however, then we are able to even further customize your selection to support all parts of your lifestyle.

What activity, or activities, do you do most everyday?

If you sit in an office chair for most of your day, you don't want to have a pair of orthotics intended for a professional athlete. We need to know what you do everyday so we can help make sure your feet are supported with an orthotic that is just right for your activities.

Do you regularly wear heels?

We offer special orthotic styles designed to fit in the smaller foot-bed of women's dress shoes. So if you plan to wear the orthotics with heels, we need to know! Wearing heels changes the way an orthotic functions, so we want to be sure the orthotics we select are just right for your favorite pair of shoes.

Do you plan to get wet?

We have some orthotics users who are on their feet a lot as firemen or construction workers; and their orthotics have to be able to withstand a wide variety of conditions. For these individuals, we usually recommend waterproof orthotics.

Do you golf or play sports often?

Believe it or not, we have custom foot orthotics that are specifically designed for golf shoes and have been proven to increase the club-head speed and drive distance! These orthotics also help relieve fatigue, so if you enjoy spending hours on the green you might consider choosing orthotics designed with your golf game in mind.

If you're an athlete, or if you spend a lot of time working out, we would encourage you to get a foot orthotic designed specifically for your particular high-intensity exercise.

Do you love your sandals?

Summer is coming and we know many of our patients love to wear sandals. Wearing sandals used to mean going without your orthotics, but not anymore. We actually have the ability to make sandals that have the orthotic built into the sole! So if you love your flip-flops, you don't have to give them up!

We hope this list of considerations was helpful! We truly have orthotic styles to fit any person (including kids!) and any lifestyle; and they are all custom made just for you, with your unique feet in mind. If you are trying to get to the root of your pain and think foot orthotics might be for you, schedule an appointment today! All new patients receive a free Sioux Falls Chiropractic water bottle!

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