Softball All-Star Credits Sports Chiropractic at Sioux Falls Chiropractic for D1 Scholarship

In early March we received an exciting email from one of our patients. Carley Goetschius is a softball all-star and a Sioux Falls Chiropractic Patient. She also recently committed to a Division 1 university. We share her email testimonial with you so you can see the power of sports chiropractic to heal injuries, improve your game, and keep you in top shape.

To: Sioux Falls Chiropractic

From: Carley Goetschius “South Dakota Renegades Fastpitch”

I started seeing Dr. Bob regularly in the summer of 2015 when I got injured playing softball. I strained my throwing elbow and shoulder. I started doing regular visits with Dr. Bob where he would do STMI [Soft Tissue Mobilization with Instruments]. I also did some ultrasound and was back playing to my full potential within 6 months.

I went my whole 2016 season with no injuries to either place. My arm actually got stronger and increased my performance. I still do monthly checkups with Dr. Bob where he adjusts my back and hips. I believe chiropractic care from Sioux Falls Chiropractic has helped me continue to play to my fullest potential by keeping me healthy and strong.

Attached is my picture from my recent visit to Northern Illinois University. I gave them my verbal commitment to play Division 1 softball there while pursuing a degree in nursing.

Thank You, Dr. Bob!!!

Carley, on behalf of our whole Sioux Falls Chiropractic team we want to congratulate you on your huge accomplishment! We were happy to be part of your wellness team!

If you or your kids are involved in youth sports, chiropractic care is necessary. The body takes a lot of abuse in sports and chiropractic care helps to keep you in top shape. If you want a free consultation or to schedule an appointment click below (all our new patients get an SFC water bottle)!

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