Golfing in Sioux Falls? How a Chiropractor Can Improve Your Game!

Golf is a challenging sport to master. The unique blend of mental strategy and athletic ability make golf a difficult sport, but an addictive one. If you're tired of hitting the green and then needing an ice pack, we have a few suggestions. Golf doesn't have to leave you in pain if you follow these tips!

Stretch Before You Play

Golf requires a surprising amount of flexibility. Stretching improves flexibility and can help you prevent injuries. Take a few minutes to stretch before you play. Pay special attention to your hips, neck, wrist, elbow and shoulder. For videos of specific stretches, click below.

Don't Forget Conditioning

Since golf is a strategic sport that attracts people of all ages, it is easy to forget that the activity is also physically taxing to your body. One critical mistake we see at Sioux Falls Chiropractic is golfers who forget to take care of their body with good conditioning and regular exercise. During a typical golf swing your spine absorbs the force of up to 10 times your body weight. Golfing works many joints and muscles. If you aren't regularly using those joints and muscles through conditioning exercises, you may experience pain or injuries when you golf. But don't worry! At Sioux Falls Chiropractic, we love to help our patients come up with a plan to reach their fitness goals.

Listen to Your Body

If you experience pain, your body is trying to tell you something isn't right. At that point, it is usually best to stop playing and make an appointment with your chiropractor. Subluxations, or joints that are out of alignment, can cause your body to work differently leading to pain or injury. If you experience pain it can be a sign of problem areas, subluxations, or the need for a professional swing analysis.

Have Your Swing Professionally Evaluated

If you've never had a swing analysis, or if you haven't had one in the last few years, now is the time! As our bodies age, we move differently and our swing naturally changes. You may pick up bad habits that you don't even notice. A professional swing analysis performed by your chiropractor will allow for personalized recommendations to keep you healthy and pain-free. There are professionals at many facilities who can give some great advice on your technique. You can also talk to your chiropractor about common muscle and strain problems they see with frequent golfers. Your Doctor at Sioux Falls Chiropractic can actually help you avoid injury if they know more about your swing!

Get Adjusted Regularly

Remember, as much as we all love to visit golf stores, you are your best golf equipment! It is easy to get sucked into the advertisements and believe that the next great driver is all you need to up your game. In our experience, your body is the most important piece of equipment. Take care of it! Invest in it! If your body is in top shape, your game will improve and you will experience less injuries. PGA athletes regularly include chiropractors as a part of their traveling treatment team for good reason! If it is good enough for Tiger Woods, it just might help you!

At Sioux Falls Chiropractic we are passionate about whatever helps our patients stay active and healthy. We want you to remember that this is your life, live it well!

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