The Real Reason Your Chiropractic Adjustment Doesn't Work

While we generally have very satisfied patients, there are always a few who believe chiropractic adjustments don't work for them. We have a sneaking suspicion we know why. If you or someone you know has felt this way in the past, find out the real reason your adjustment doesn't work below.

You're Not Following Protocol

For chiropractic adjustments to work, you must do as your chiropractor says. Let's say you injure your back at work and decide you need an adjustment. At your first and second appointment, your chiropractor will establish a care plan for you. If your care plan says to come in two times per week for the first two weeks after your injury, one time per week for the next week, and one time per month following that, it is necessary to follow those instructions. If your back starts to feel better after the first two weeks and you stop going to your appointments, your care plan may not be successful.

You're Not Caring For Your Body

While almost everybody knows what they should be doing to care for their body, not everybody does. It is important to remember that you need adequate nutrition. The more active you are, the easier it becomes to ignore the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. It is also important to remember to stay hydrated. Especially in the hot summer months, the real reason your chiropractic adjustments don't work may be because you forget to drink water. When you get a chiropractic adjustment, toxins are released from your body (and this is a good thing!). The more water you drink the less toxins you have! As an added bonus, an adjustment helps you care for your body by improving heart health.

You're Expecting a Miracle

While chiropractic care is often very effective, you must put in the work to get the results. Most times, problems that require chiropractic adjustments are progressive. Injuries often do not happen overnight; it takes more than a feather to break a camel's back. Just as it takes time for an injury to occur, it also takes time to heal. Chiropractic adjustments may not be the quick fix you're looking for; however, if you give them the time and patience necessary, it can be the right fix—even if it takes a little time.

An adjustment from Sioux Falls Chiropractic is one of the best ways to relieve pain. Waiting for your appointment to come? Check out the video below to start your relief!

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