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Hi my name is Vera I am in 1st grade.

The reason I am here at Five J today is because my school cancelled school for Thursday. This place is awesome! There is a big screen TV, four whiteboards, two couches, one big room, two rooms off of that one big room, and six cubicles. One of the two rooms is a conference room. There are 17 lights in here, there are four plants here too.

Lacey designs things on the computer. Drew sits here and waits until he smells where the popcorn is and then he goes and gets the popcorn. Just kidding. Drew studies numbers and patterns and manages projects. Mommy writes blogs and part designs things. Jake is the boss and he is in charge.

5j helps people write blogs and make websites and does interviews. And 5j has lots of meetings and works a lot. It is a good place to be at.

If I could put anything in here it would be a trampoline. The best part of being here is getting to spend time with my mommy.The worst part of being here is that when I am here mommy can not play with me. Bye hope you had fun learning about me today see you soon.

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