3 Ways Sports Chiropractic Improves Your Child's Game

More that 30 million children participate in youth sports in the US and that number is only expected to grow. Youth sports are also getting more and more competitive. With young people spending more time practicing and playing, injury risks are high and everyone is seeking that competitive edge. Sports chiropractic care is a great solution for parents hoping to help their athletes achieve their goals and avoid spending money on costly surgeries. Here are three ways sports chiropractic is important for your child.

1. Avoid Injuries

When you enroll your six-year-old in soccer you probably aren't thinking about preventing injuries, but this perspective needs to change. We tend to think that kids' bodies are resilient enough to handle the musculoskeletal stress. In actuality, younger athletes are more susceptible to injuries for several reasons.

Children are less coordinated than adults, have slower reaction times, and their body is still growing and developing. Compounding these factors, the youngest athletes often are using cheaper athletic equipment (we get it, sports are expensive!) which means more stress on their body. Unfortunately, children are not as tuned into pain as a sign that they need to slow down or stop their activity. At Sioux Falls Chiropractic we occasionally see overuse injuries in children who haven't even complained about pain.

2. Improve Their Performance

There is no doubt that research shows a positive connection between chiropractic care and athletic performance. The Journal of Chiropractic Research and Clinical Investigation did a study that concluded athletes who received 12 weeks of chiropractic care exhibited 30 percent improvement in reaction time, versus the control group with no chiropractic care. The Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research also showed that baseball players receiving chiropractic treatments enjoyed significant improvement in their capillary count, which improves oxygenation in your blood. This is critical for maintaining healthy muscle function and proper healing.

But the results aren't just in academic studies. This past year, Sioux Falls Chiropractic's Dr. Robert Joyce treated a local teen who is a youth fastpitch softball player on the national level. Her parents Phil and LIsa Loving had this to say.

"Our teenage daughter began seeing Dr. Bob after experiencing some back pain. She felt immediate results and continued to improve with the treatment plan he provided. She experienced increased flexibility and decreased pain which led to her ability to train at a higher level. At the end of the summer, she and her team played in the national championship game which was the ultimate payoff for all her hard work. Not only has chiropractic care helped our daughter to stay healthy, train hard and to play the game she loves but it has helped her to obtain a scholarship to continue her softball career at the Division 1 level. We are thankful for Dr. Bob and the staff at Sioux Falls Chiropractic."

3. It Teaches Them To Treat Their Bodies Well

Regular chiropractic care isn't just for treating injuries and boosting performance, it also shows young people the importance of caring for their bodies. We believe it is good for kids to learn the importance of caring for their spine and joints early in life so that they can maintain good habits well into adulthood! Our chiropractors can help with everything from a simple maintenance adjustment to a personalized recovery program including chiropractic adjustments, physical rehabilitation, nutrition supplements and foot orthotics; all tailored to help your children meet their health goals.

So when it comes time to enroll your six-year-old in soccer, give us a call too. We would love to work with your young athlete and help them stay healthy and have fun! Click below to schedule an appointment or free consultation.

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