Headaches and Migraines

Before I started seeing Dr Christine at Sioux Falls Chiropractic I was having such severe pain I would get sick to my stomach. I’ve been seeing Dr. Christine now for a little over a month and have noticed major differences. I have few to no headaches anymore. The tingling and pain that I had experienced in my limbs has greatly reduced. I am thrilled because I am able to get back to living without the fear of pain when moving, sitting, laying down, walking, running, and working.

I never realized how much pain I was in and how much life I was missing out on until I started to get relief. Now I am getting back to living life and actually enjoying it!

-- Jesse

Neck and Low Back Pain

My neck pain has been persistent for the last twenty years. I have also had severe pain in my back, hip, and leg. This was the result of a bad fall about fifteen years ago. What’s more is I was beginning to hear crackling noises when I turned my neck. Before I met Dr. Christine I had been to several other chiropractors in the area and had partial relief which would only last about a week.

I was not satisfied with merely partial pain relief so I continued to search for a chiropractor who would help me get back to my pre-fall condition.

When I started going to Sioux Falls Chiropractic, Dr. Christine recommended X-rays and decided on a treatment plan including adjustments, therapy, and rehab. As far as pain relief goes, I started to feel better immediately. I have felt a little better each time I visit Dr. Christine. As soon as Dr. Christine adjusted my neck, the crackly noises were almost fully eliminated. Now I’m only dealing with mild tenderness and continue on my treatment plan so I don’t get back to pre-treatment condition.

-- Mike

I have had back pain for about a year. I saw another chiropractor and he did not take x-rays and could not help me. I then saw another chiropractor and he took x-rays and found subluxations in my back but he never seemed to help much either. I started seeing Dr. Christine at Sioux Falls Chiropractic for my mid back, low back, and sacroiliac pain. She helped me with some rib pain that I have had. I started feeling better after my 1st visit to Dr. Christine. My pain has gotten much better after following my treatment plan. I have gotten a better range of motion, and reaching for things is much easier. Sleeping has been better also. I would tell everyone about Dr Christine she can really make you feel great!

-- Scott

I have had neck problems my whole life. The lower back pain was caused by being rear ended in an auto accident. Dr Bob helped fix that problem. I have been seeing Dr. Bob for two years. The low back pain is much, much better. the neck will always have some stiffness but it feels 100% better than where I was 2 years ago.

-- Ron

Headaches and Tinnitus

I have had no recent health problems and have had generally good health. Until one day in March 2009 I spontaneously developed a severe headache and loud tinnitus (A buzzing, ringing, or whistling sound in one or both ears occurring without an external stimulus.) in both ears. The headache came and went but the tinnitus never subsided. I went to my family doctor after 2 weeks of misery. He ordered a MRI/MRA, suspecting a possible brain aneurism. The tests came back negative. He suggested background noise for the tinnitus and pain medications for the headache. Naproxen, Darvon and tylenol did nothing for the headaches. I even tried some Tramadol that my wife had to see if that would work and surprisingly that was the only thing that was slightly effective for the headaches. The tinnitus continued to be very agitating. I was envisioning being plagued by it for the rest of my life. My daughter, her husband, and their sister-in-law all urged me to contact Sioux Falls Chiropractic. I called and was seen by Dr. Robert Joyce the very same day. I was given an exam, heat, electrical stimulation, and an adjustment and had relief in 20 minutes. I saw Dr. Bob regularly and the symptoms decreased and finally ended. I see Dr. Bob regularly to prevent the headaches and tinnitus from returning.

-- Grant

Hearing Issues in a Child

On a routine check up to the doctor’s office I was told my 5-year-old daughter had a hearing problem. I then took her to a hearing specialist and it was confirmed that she had fluid in her ears, and she had poor hearing. I was told that she would need tubes in her ears to drain the fluid to correct her hearing loss. My mom mentioned to me she had heard a chiropractor may be able to correct this. I would have never thought to take her to a chiropractor; I tend to think of the back when I think chiropractor. Feeling frustrated, I figured what have I got to lose?

I set up an appointment with Dr. Robert Joyce at Sioux Falls Chiropractic. Dr. Joyce explained that my daughter did have some tension in her neck and there was an ear bone out of place which could be causing the fluid to build. Over a months time he saw her a few times a week to do adjustments. I took her to see the hearing specialist again for a consultation. I was amazed to find that the fluid in her hears had completely gone away and she had perfect hearing again! She also no longer needed tubes in her ears. Thank you Dr. Joyce!

-- Noraja & Kaylee

Pediatric Chiropractor Case Studies

Patient Name: Maya

Age: 5 Years

5-year-old Maya was wetting the bed almost every night for a year. She had seen her pediatrician and was tested for a urinary tract infection, bladder infection and diabetes but all of the tests came back negative. After three adjustments with Dr. Bob she no longer wets the bed! Chiropractic adjustments have given Maya more self-confidence because she no longer has to worry about wetting the bed, or waking up to have to wash the sheets every night. Maya’s mom is very thankful for bringing Maya in to see Dr. Bob for adjustments.

Patient Name: Julian

Age: 2 months

Severe torticolis, fussy, colic since birth with tummy issues. Little Julian has been very fussy since the start and it seemed that trying to bounce him to keep his upset tummy happy would make the neck hurt due to the torticollis. After one adjustment with Dr. Shelly Julian could turn his head right away and he slept the whole night and was not fussy. Julian actually has to be awoken now at night to be fed. Things for Julian are a lot more peaceful and he is a happy little boy!

Patient Name: Sierra

Age: 23 months

Sierra is generally a healthy, happy little girl. When Sierra came in for her first pediatric chiropractor appointment at the age of 5 months her mother had complaints of recurrent ear infections and many sleepless and restless nights. Many nights Sierra was only getting anywhere from 2-5 hours of sleep. Sierra’s mom said that after her very first adjustment with Dr. Bob, she saw relief immediately. She slept the whole night through the very same night and her ear infections diminished, and in time never came back! Now, if Sierra doesn’t sleep well at night her mom knows it’s time to come back and see Dr. Bob!

Patient’s Name: Kaydence

Age: 4

Kaydence had a history of earaches/infections. Every time she would get the “sniffles” an earache or ear infection was sure to follow over and over. Kaydence had consistently seen her medical doctor for earaches and has frequently been on antibiotics for treatment of her earaches, but nothing seemed to get rid of them. Kaydence’s parents decided to try chiropractic care after the recommendations from their friends. Since seeing Dr. Robert Joyce, Kaydence has only been on one antibiotic and it was for bronchitis; she has not had an ear infection since she started her chiropractic treatments!